We are the Flaming Beacon, an independent volunteer network assisting in evacuation of civilians in Ukraine, humanitarian aid to off-road villages, and support of local efforts on the ground to help the people of Ukraine.

We have been working on the Ukraine/Hungarian border since early March 5 and currently based in Eastern Ukraine in the City of Dnipro. We have:

  • evacuated 750+ people since March 5
  • Helped with housing for 100+ people in Europe
  • Rented 6 apartments for internally displaced people
  • Provided essentials and financial help to 300+ people in Dnipro, in collaboration with City Government and independent volunteer centers.

We are 100% dependent on donations to fund these efforts to bring essential support to those affected by the war. We are looking to raise money for increasing our operations and to continue our work.

Where We are Active?

In eastern and southern Ukraine, next to warzones. Current projects in districts of Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Vinnitsya.

What is Our Main Focus?

Helping people fleeing from villages and small towns, delivering help to villages off the main roads.

What are the Donations Used For?

Gas expenses and traveling costs, financial aid to refugees (especially women with small children), buying essentials, funding vehicles purchase and non military equipment for army of Ukraine, housing support for refugees and internally displaced people.