Aid Delivered to Women & Children Center in Dnipro


Women & Children center in Dnipro receives 1000+ refugees per day or better said internally displaces people. They mostly come from eastern Ukraine, but we have also met families from Kharkiv, Mauripol, and other cities.

When we first visited the center, we could easily see many frightened faces signing up for their first batch of help. After a quick registration, they meet volunteers and share their needs with them. They are given numbers so the next step is to wait until the package with their number is good to go.

Anna Bratkova is a hard-working coordinator of the center and we spoke with her about the specific needs of the center. We have learned that they need food, personal hygiene products, baby food, diapers, and toys. Anna said they receive donations on regular basis, but much more is needed as thousands of people are looking for help every day.

Our next stop was a local supermarket where we bought products classified as the most urgent. We delivered the products and promised to return back soon with a larger delivery.

If you are looking for a legitimate place where donations are not being stored for future use but delivered immediately to those in need,
look no further than Women & Children Center in Dnipro.

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