New Home For Olena and Her Family


Olena is a brave young woman who had to face tough choices like many other women in the war in Ukraine.
As much as she disliked the idea of leaving her husband behind in Donetsk, she had to protect the life of her loving son.
She joined her mother and her brothers on the way to Dnipro, the biggest city in eastern Ukraine where hundreds of thousands of refugees are seeking shelter.

After an exhausting journey, they found themselves living in a tiny modular home. In just one small room they had to fit five beds.
They were happy to have a dry and clean place, but the humanitarian aid they received was insufficient and they had to reach out for more help. They found out about the Flaming Beacon’s housing project in Dnipro so Olena contacted us on social media.

We decided to visit them and deliver the essentials they needed but it was obvious that such a large family cannot live in a tiny home like that.

Sasha, a volunteer from our team, reached out to a real-estate agency, and a week after we found a cozy apartment for Olena and her family. Since they couldn’t afford it, Flaming Beacon paid for the rent so they can focus on building their new life in Dnipro more easily.

Living far away from everything you know is difficult, especially if you leave your love behind. Olena’s brave husband is defending his country and we’ll take care of his family until his return.

Dnipro Housing project by Flaming Beacon is 100% donations dependent, so please donate here and help us provide more accommodation for internally displaced people in Dnipro:

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