Refugee Corner at the Train Station in Dnipro


Recently, Slaven and Iryna of Flaming Beacon visited the train station in Dnipro Ukraine, where they were met by officials from the Department of Youth Policy and National Patriotic Education. They have been on the ground since the beginning of the war assisting those impacted by the Russian invasion, providing everything from over 200 hot meals a day, beds, and even an area specifically for children, complete with toys and children’s drawings depicting images of war and Ukraine’s ultimate victory. 

When the war first broke out in February, they were receiving thousands of refugees every day, and while the numbers have dropped in the months since, the number of incoming refugees remains stubbornly high, causing their already limited resources to be stretched to the limit. As the war drags on, providing refugees with the support they need is proving to be increasingly difficult. When asked what their biggest challenge was in trying to handle the humanitarian crisis in their region, their response was the lack of funds available to provide medicine, bus tickets, food, and other essentials such as clothing and other personal care items.

Before leaving Dnipro, Slaven and Iryna agreed to work with the Dnipro officials on a project called Envelopes of Hope. Each envelope will contain 3,000 UAH along with a warmhearted message of courage and hope. They are also in the process of trying to supply them with another much-needed item, walkers for seniors, of which they have been informed at least one hundred of them are needed. 

Flaming Beacon is dedicated to delivering humanitarian assistance to civilians impacted by the war in Ukraine. If you can assist in any way, please consider donating at:

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